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In and Around Olton

In or near to Olton - where we are located - you will find a variety of restaurants and pubs including a Greek restaurant and an Irish pub and restaurant. There are also places of worship (including the Renewal Christian Centre Solihull), grocers, delis, doctors and chemists located within walking distance of the guest house.

Solihull town centre


The town centre of Solihull is a 5 minute journey by road (when traffic is good) or 12 minute journey by bus. There's always lots to do in Solihull - ranging from shopping to the arts, and from pubs and bars to sports or activities.

There is a wide variety of shopping in Solihull from high street favourites to independent boutiques selling designer fashion or accessories. Most shops are to be found throughout the town centre area and inside the Touchwood Shopping Centre.

Solihull has lots of pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants which range from the usual town centre chains such as Cafe Rouge, Slug & Lettuce and the Hogshead to places that are a little more special or unique. If you need recommendations of where to eat out or for good bars in the area during your stay then we would be pleased to help.

For active types there are numerous sports facilities on offer in the area such as an ice rink, several parks and green spaces ideal for jogging, and a large leisure centre & swimming pool.

Our Top 5 for Solihull:

Birmingham town centre

Birmingham City Centre

Birmingham is a thriving and culturally diverse city where something is always going on. You can expect world-class shopping, music concerts from classical to choral and from pop to jazz, art galleries, a great club and bar scene, sports, and lots of unexpected surprises to discover.

Our Top 5 for Birmingham:

Stratford on Avon

Explore the West Midlands

With so much to do in the area why not take an extra day to explore the West Midlands?